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Guild Rules: Be Nice!
  • Don't be a douche, and by douche I mean, do not swear incessantly or call people names etc..
  • Don't ninja the Guild Bank. It's called a GUILD BANK for a reason. We actually would love it if you took the items we farm for you to use, but overuse-age and selling it in the Auction House is unacceptable unless otherwise stated.
  • ATTEMPT to be courteous of others, if you have a rotten mouth and are unable to cope with the guild society then turn off guild, or take matters up with a gm or co-gm, instead of blasting your mouth off at others where the guild can see it. We house many many trolls so try to keep the trolling to trade (but try not to give our guild a bad name) and not in guild chat or ventrilo.
  • Please keep in mind that you represent Creepy But Harmless. LIVE UP TO IT. We are very open so don't be racist, sexist, or hate on people's sexual orientation.

Two warnings will be given if the subjected guildie is out of line: upon the third offense they will be booted with a restricted chance to return if on excellent behavior. (See Guild Master for Details.)

Guild Raid Rules: General rule of thumb
  • Raid schedules: If you sign up for a raid please, be online 15-30 minutes before the actual scheduled start time. Getting groups is very stressful and to ensure your spot, be on time.
  • Anyone unable to make the raid must (should) notify Kiadaj, Lænrì or the raid leader preferably 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible.
  • For intense raids requiring more complex strategy such as (New Cata Raids) ICC or an Undying run in Naxx, Ventrilo is necessary, or if the raid leader says you must be in it. If you have complications getting into vent, please tell the raid leader for further discussion.
  • Lootmaster will have the authority to distribute the loot dropped from any mob or boss using the /Roll option in wow. Highest numbered roll wins (1-100) unless a tie is made, in which case the people whom tied, must reroll until a defined winner is present. Any variations to this rule will be stated at the start of the roll, regardless.
  • Main spec will always be rolled for first. If no main spec rolling is available, or no one needs the item, offspec will be rolled for second. Bind on equip items will be treated as MS rolls. If won, that item must be equipped upon being put in your inventory unless otherwise stated by the raid leader.
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New Site!

Kiadaj, Feb 4, 11 9:37 AM.
Well this is Kia, I just created our hopefully new guild website!! zomg!!! Mmmmm Tell me what you guys think and feel. ;]

~Love Kia
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